Lawyer Maxine and Ong Sin Teong reported police at USJ 8 police station to save Malaysian who are trafficked overseas.

Media Statement:Lawyer Maxine and Ong Sin Teong reported police at USJ 8 police station to save Malaysian who are trafficked overseas.

Lawyer Maxine, Chairman of Publicity Bureau of MCA Youth Subang, and Ong Sin Teong, Chairman of the Public Service and Complaints Bureau of MCA Youth Subang , went to the USJ8 police station to report the case regarding Malaysia trafficked overseas. Lawyer Maxine shot several videos about Malaysian being trafficked to overseas on her Facebook page. Since she knows that many victims are still abroad, it is difficult for the relevant domestic authorities to ask for help, therefore she left a message on her video so that people who saw her video could leave a Facebook Messenger message to ask for help.

On May 9, Lawyer Maxine received a “SOS” message on her Facebook page from a Malaysian, Ms Lim that she had been tricked into going to Myanmar. The woman was sent to Terengganu from Johor Bahru with two other male in October last year. When they got to Terengganu, another male joined them and was sent to work in Thailand. At that time, she was arranged to smuggle to Thailand together with three Malaysian Chinese male. They went to Thailand, they got Covid-19, and one of them died. Since one of them died and the rest of them fell ill with Covid-19, they were not accepted in the Laos,  and they were then resold to different places to do scam work. Ms Lim was later sent to work in Myanmar.

After that, Lawyer Maxine kept in touch with Ms. Lim. Ms Lim told Lawyer Maxine that in Myanmar, she met three other Chinese male from Kuala Lumpur. The three Chinese men had just arrived in Myanmar for two or three months and wanted to go back to Malaysia, but there was no way for them to seek help. Ms. Lim told Lawyer Maxine that as long as she had a mobile phone, she could ask for help, and the rest were not so lucky. A few days later, lawyer Maxine communicated with Ong Sin Teong to meet with Mr. Thean, a friend of the three Chinese male. Mr. Thean told the three Chinese male to contact him secretly and ask them to see Lawyer Maxine to confirm the identity of Lawyer Maxine. When Lawyer Maxine asked for the full names of the three of them, Mr. Thean told the three Chinese male that they refused because they feared they would be discovered. The next day, Ms. Lim handed over the names and identification numbers of the three Chinese male to Lawyer Maxine.

Ms. Lim hoped that the relevant government departments in our country could rescue them as soon as possible, and she also informed her that an elderly father was waiting for her to return home.

Lawyer Maxine communicated with Ong Sin Teong to report the case to the USJ8 police station. Lawyer Maxine once again reminds the public, especially young people, not to forget to check the advertisement posted on social media and get tricked by the advertisement of high-paying job abroad. Lawyer Maxine said that the most basic inspection method is usually to go abroad to work, firstly will definitely apply for a work permit in Malaysia. If the employer does not apply for the employee work permit, it is usually a scam to go to work abroad.

If anyone else needs help, you can go to message Lawyer Maxine and ask for help.


MCA MAJU Branch Secretariat


Photo Reporting to police

Lawyer Maxine(LEFT),Ong Sin Teong(Right)

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