Lawyer Maxine, Ong Sin Teong and MCA Youth Subang visited Pertubuhan Kebajikan Orang Tua Yi Xing during Mother's Day

Media Statement: Lawyer Maxine, Ong Sin Teong and MCA Youth Subang visited Pertubuhan Kebajikan Orang Tua Yi Xing during Mother’s Day

Lawyer Maxine, Chairman of MCA Youth Subang Publicity Bureau, together with Ong Sin Teong, Chairman of MCA Youth Subang Public Service and Complaint Bureau, paid a visit to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Orang Tua Yi Xing. In order to make Mother’s Day more meaningful, they collected supplies and donated them to the this elderly welfare shelter association.

The Vice President of the Pertubuhan Kebajikan Orang Tua Yi Xing told Lawyer Maxine that the recent inflation has led to a shortage of materials for the association, and the number of benevolent people who came to donate has also decreased. The vice president also told Lawyer Maxine that the association is completely free for the elderly to live in, and the monthly expenses are supported by donations from benevolent people. He also told the benevolent people who used to come to donate often to reduce the number of donations because some people are still unemployed. The Vice President also mentioned monthly rent of the association alone was about RM2,000.

When the vice president brought Lawyer Maxine to go around the association, he revealed that one of the residents was transferred from the University of Malaya Hospital. The old man was transferred without an ID card. Due to the old man’s cognitive problems, the association has not been able to contact his family so far. Lawyer Maxine mentioned that she will try to contact the National Registration Department to assist the old man in verifying his identity so that the old man can reunite with his family as soon as possible.

As some elderly people also have to take medicines, the vice president told that the cost of medicines for a single elderly person can be as high as RM300 for two weeks.

Since today is Mother’s Day, Lawyer Maxine and MCA Youth Subang also accompanied the elderly to reunion at the association, so that the elderly can feel the warmth of family. She also appealed to all benevolent people who want to donate materials to No. 19, Jalan USJ 2/2A, USJ 2, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor or remit the donation to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Orang Tua Yi Xing, Ambank: 8881017034055. If anyone have any questions, please contact the following number, 012-6178779.

Thank you.

MCA MAJU Branch Secretariat



From Left: Ms Lee Chew Heong, Lawyer Maxine, Vice President of Association, Mr Ong Sin Teong

Vice President of association accompany Lawyer Maxine to go around the area in the association

Sicked elderly in the association

Together with the elderly in association

Elderly people who cannot verify his identities, people who know him can contact the association directly



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